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Úvod Sport Běh Doplňky pro běh Tkaničky do bot FENCEMAN - Super Poly Reel

FENCEMAN - Super Poly Reel

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Detailní popis FENCEMAN - Super Poly Reel

This universal reel is designed for tape, rope and polywire. Made from tough plastic for durability. The tape reel will carry up to 100 metres of 40mm tape and has a small side winding handle. There is a solid ergonomic handle enabling a firm grip when winding. Situated just above the handle are two hooks which allow the reel to hang from a wire or post hook. Releasing the centre pin spring clip allows the tape reel to slide off leaving a rod that will go through the centre of a polywire reel that will take up to 1000 metres. Makes for ease of playing out or winding up tapes and wires. Keeping fencing tape stored on a reel will ultimately prolong the condition and life of the tape.

* Tape winding reel
* 1000 metres of polywire
* 100 metres of 40mm tape
* Tvrdý plast
* Detachable drum
* Ergonomická rukojeť
* Small drum winding handle
* Hooks for fence hanging

Here are the Top Ten rules to make your electric fence work properly!

1 Keep your fence as free from growth as possible – Growth impairs the output of every commercial appliance and results in increased power consumption, especially with battery-driven appliances.
2 Make sure that the earthing is optimal.
3 Do not connect two conductive plastic wires by tying them – Use special conductors.
4 Fence wire/tape/rope must not be broken.
5 Use conductive material having the best possible conductivity – i.e. Low resistance.
6 Keep fence wire and earthing rod free from rust – Rust is an insulator.
7 Weather-beaten or nagged insulators are unsuitable – Causes a high loss of output.
8 Ensure connection between the energiser and wire is optimal – Use cable resistant to high voltage for underground feeds.
9 With battery-driven energisers, check battery condition regularly.
10 Ensure that each point of the fence is live using an electric fence tester.

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