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Úvod Sport Běh Doplňky pro běh Tkaničky do bot Garmin HRM Tri and Swim Bundle

Garmin HRM Tri and Swim Bundle

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Detailní popis Garmin HRM Tri and Swim Bundle

Paired with your Forerunner 920XT, the latest Garmin Heart Rate Monitors have the capacity to enhance your Triathlon like never before. Both excel in recording and storing your underwater data, before seamlessly sending it to your Forerunner 920XT once your session has finished.

The HRM-Swim is made for pool swimming, with it's thicker non slip strap keeping it in place during the push off phase. This means it comfortably holds onto your skin, rather than just being pressed on. What really separates it from the pack is that this strap is both compact enough, creating minimal drag, and durable enough, to be used in all swim environments, for all of your training and racing needs. It's designed for the pool, but can handle open water too, and is made for measuring out interval heart rate statistics during your training (it will instantly send this data to your Forerunner 920XT during rest periods when out of the water). It is also compatible with both the Garmin Epix and Fenix 3 devices.

This bundle also contains the HRM-Tri, perfect for your next competitive Triathlon. This is both the smallest and lightest heart rate monitor Garmin have ever produced, and is specifically designed with a triathlete's needs in mind. It can measure your performance in the open water, and still feels just as comfortable on land too measuring your running dynamics (cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time). Once again, the HRM-Tri is most effective when paired up with the Forerunner 920XT.

HRM-Swim features:

>ANT+ heart rate transmission
>Will instantly send data when resting out of water
>Specially designed non-slip strap
>Extendable strap, to get the best possible fit
>10 months battery life
>5 ATM water rating
>Stores and forwards heart rate data
>Pool chemical resistant

HRM-Tri Features
>ANT+ heart rate transmission
>Weights 59g
>Measures running dynamics
>Stores and forwards heart rate data
>10 months battery life
>5 ATM water rating

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