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Úvod Sport Běh Doplňky pro běh Tkaničky do bot Harry Hall Zeus Body Protector

Harry Hall Zeus Body Protector

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Detailní popis Harry Hall Zeus Body Protector

Separate lightweight shock absorbing foam panels
Moulds to body
Comfortable and flexible fit
Air mesh outer
Contrast binding
Reflective piping to front and back
Correct red fitting indicators
Conforms to EN13158 2009 BETA Level 3
Size and Fitting:
It is important that the body protector you select is a correct fit. It should be a snug fit when worn over light clothing. In bad weather outer garments may be worn over it.
When correctly fitted your body protector should cover the following areas of your body:
The whole circumference of the torso
The front should reach to at least 25mm below the last rib. at the side it should reach the pelvis, and at the back it should extend at least 15cm below the top of the pelvis on an adult.
The front protector should reach near the top of the sternum below the chin. And the back should cover the seventh cervical vertebra, which is the prominent bone at the base of the neck.
When you have chosen the best fitting body protector check it for wearability. Sit on a low chair, crouch forward till your shoulders are near or in contact with your knees; can you look up and forwards, sit up; would the tail of the body protector touch the saddle? Stand up; can you bring your hands together in front of you and also reach back behind you without impediment by the protector? The protector fits if all these movements can be made satisfactorily.

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