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Requisite - Rubber Floor Mat

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Detailní popis Requisite - Rubber Floor Mat

Requisite Rubber Floor Mats are soft but firm and offer your horse a softer, warmer and generally more comfortable surface than concrete on which to stand or lie while in the stable.

The underside of the floor mats are specially shaped so that liquid will pass beneath them, so you get better drainage which results in fresher smelling stables. The upper surface is smooth and therefore easy to brush and it can be hosed and drained to dry very quickly every few weeks if necessary.

The mats are sold singularly: a standard size 12' x 10' stable will need five 6' x 4' mats and a 12' x 12' stable will need six mats. Each mat is 17mm thick.

Requisite Rubber Floor Mats are easy to install and if they need to be cut to size, this can be done using a sharp knife.

Please note that it's advisable to leave a 10mm gap between the rubber mat and the stable wall, as this natural product spreads a little after use. Remember when ordering, that the mats will arrive on a pallet. You may need to give consideration to how you will unload them from the delivery vehicle and then how you will transport the mats to the stable you wish to use them in.

Medium – 3ft x 4ft
Large – 6ft x 4ft

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