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Úvod Sport Běh Doplňky pro běh Tkaničky do bot Unknown - Classic Polypad Single

Unknown - Classic Polypad Single

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Detailní popis Unknown - Classic Polypad Single

The PolyPads Classic Polypad Single Thickness is crafted from a durable polycotton, easy-care material and features a fibre core that moulds to your horse’s shape and to the fit of the saddle.

The incorporation of a fibre core enables the pad to adapt with ease to your horse's changing shape/fitness over the year. It's designed so that it can be used any way around as there are no straps or loops to restrict you, giving you maximum wear and added value.

The premium quality polycotton outer is extremely durable and the robust and resilient fibre core refreshes wash after wash to provide long lasting comfort and protection for your horse’s back.

No fixing straps or loops mean no unwanted pressure points caused by extra fabric and stitching and the shock-absorbing qualities of the fibre create a uniform surface bearing area under the saddle, which assists an even distribution of saddle and rider weight over the whole horse’s back.

The PolyPads Classic Polypad has been a trusted favourite since 1987 and the absence of fixing straps makes sizing very flexible, enabling the pad to be changed quickly and easily from horse to horse if necessary. Plus it's easy to keep clean as it's machine washable.

Pony – 57cm along spine x 84cm wide
Full - 66cm along spine x 94cm wide

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