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Úvod Sport Box Boxerské rukavice Global Herbs Flyfree

Global Herbs Flyfree

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Detailní popis Global Herbs Flyfree

Many people use sprays and nasty chemicals to help combat the flies during the summer months, which can be quite harsh on the horse's skin. Global Herbs Flyfree provides a traditional, unique and powerful way to help horses tolerate flies. The plant extracts in Flyfree are digested and pass through the skin to create a protective shield around your horse that lasts all day. Not only does Flyfree help your horse cope with flies but it also helps with general skin condition, helps keeps the breathing clear and soothes membranes around the nose and eyes. Flyfree will help to make you horses coat "gleam". Switch to Flyfree to save time, effort and money and helps your horse have a wonderful and enjoyable summer.

Flyfree does have a strong taste but many horses love it. It is advisable to introduce very gradually into the horses feed. Can also be used with Global Herbs Flax Oil and Globalvite for an increased action and to encourage the hair to grow quickly and strong. For an average horse use two level 25 ml scoops twice daily. This amount can be increased or decreased within reason.

• All over Body Action
• Stop and Start when you like
• Feeding at night works early morning
• Feeding in the morning leaves and all day cover
• Soothes runny eyes
• Works within an hour
• Save money on sprays

Ingredients include: Turmeric, Cedar Tree, Garlic & Long Pepper

Store in a suitable container in a cool, dry place

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