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Úvod Sport Fitness vybavení Trenažéry Běžecké pásy Reebok GT60 One Series Treadmill

Reebok GT60 One Series Treadmill

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Kód zboží: bs-i76014803

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Detailní popis Reebok GT60 One Series Treadmill

Reebok GT60 One Series Treadmill

The Reebok GT60 One Series Treadmill boasts a wide range of features to provide a well-rounded piece of fitness equipment for the Reebok ONE Series. A powerful 2.5HP motor provides a max speed of 20km/h for the more than ample 145 x 51cm running range with ONE Series cushioning to provide you with a natural, comfortable running platform. The stylish 7inch LCD display is the centre of the Reebok GT60 treadmill and controls a number of the key features the GT60 has to offer. 15 different incline levels provide an excellent choice of intensity combinations to cater for all levels of fitness. For those who want to get on and go, the Reebok GT60 also boasts 34 different console programmes which combine different inclines and speeds for a varied workout time and time again.

The GT60 treadmill provides you with all of the necessary feedback including speed, time, distance, incline, calories burnt and through hand or wireless pulse receivers you can keep track of your heart rate for the most efficient workout yet! We know that staying motivated during your workout is very important, which is why the GT60 treadmill has a range of features to keep you motivated.

Klíčové vlastnosti:

> 2.5 HP Motor
> 20kph max speed
> 51 x 145cm Running area
> MP3 Input with built in speakers
> 34 Console programmes
> 15 levels of electronic incline
> ONE series cushioning
> Maximální uživatele hmotnost 130 kg
> Dimensions L 194cm x W 92cm x H 137cm
> Hmotnost 121 kg

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