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Úvod Sport Jezdectví Kompletní sortiment Charles Owen V8 Helmet

Charles Owen V8 Helmet

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Detailní popis Charles Owen V8 Helmet

Ever wish that you could change out a sweaty helmet for a fresh one between rides? Charles Owen is delighted to introduce the new V8 helmet. Featuring a detachable helmet liner which can be removed and is machine washable, the V8 is Charles Owen's most versatile helmet yet. The detachable liner attaches into the helmet using premium hook and loop closure and is easy to remove and replace. In addition to the removable helmet liner, the V8 offers extra cooling for optimal performance using Charles Owen's Free Fit system which increases airflow across the forehead. 50% of heat is situated on the head's forehead and the Free Fit system incorporates a frontal air channel that funnels the air across the forehead and evaporates the sweat. The Free Fit system combined with 10 ventilation slots increases cooling and evaporation for the most airflow possible. The smart quick release buckle in a high strength alloy fastens the new 6-point patented GRpx® harness for unsurpassed stability. The new harness contacts the head in 6 different points - locking the helmet onto the occipital bone for a greater range of head shapes and creating the ultimate in security. Black microfibre suede or custom order leather look side panels pair perfectly with the extra fine, breathable mesh centre, covering the high gloss black or heat reflective silver painted shell.
Spare detachable helmet liners are sold separately. For the most dynamic airflow in helmets, choose the V8.

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