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Úvod Sport Jezdectví Pro koně Equilibrium Tri Zone Brushing Boots

Equilibrium Tri Zone Brushing Boots

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Detailní popis Equilibrium Tri Zone Brushing Boots

Equilibrium Tri Zone® Brushing Boots

This pair of boots are great for protecting your horse's legs against any knocks and bumps when being worked. You can even use them for protecting your horse's legs during turnout. They have a tough hard wearing fabric which is flexible and lightweight. The strike pad is made from TPU which is a special material that has been proven for its durability and flexibility, even in cold weather. The boots are designed with three different zones, with the highest level of protection shielding the area most at risk, the fetlock joint. This intelligent targeting system means that your horse has the maximum protection where they need it most, without the extra weight or bulk.
They remain securely in place with three adjustable touch tape fastenings for ease and safety when fitting. The materials used are easy to maintain. These boots may be used on fore or hind legs.
Please bear in mind that the size your horse requires for a foreleg may differ from the required size for a hind leg.

>Tough hard wearing fabric
>Flexible and lightweight
>Strike pad made from TPU
>Designed with three different zones
>Three adjustable touch tape fastenings
>Easy to use maintain
>Suitable for the foreleg or hind leg

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