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Masta Bug Rug

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Kód zboží: bs-i01947511

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Detailní popis Masta Bug Rug

The Masta Bug Rug is highly breathable and lightweight and is designed to offer your horse complete protection from biting insects as it covers almost the entire body.

The 100% polyester fabric is soft and comfortable for your horse to wear and the elasticated edges provide a barrier to prevent insects from entering.

Additional features include integral neck with touch tape fastening, clip and lock fastenings at the front, a full belly, chest and tail wrap for increased coverage and protection plus belly and leg straps for the ultimate fit.

The Masta Bug Rug has been designed to help reduce your horse's misery caused by biting flies and midges. It offers maximum coverage and ultimate adjustability in order to ensure a fly free zone for your horse.

It’s machine washable, making it easy to maintain so it lasts season after season.

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