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Rambo Fly Buster

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Detailní popis Rambo Fly Buster

The Rambo Fly Buster is a great option for horse owners looking to provide the ultimate in fly armour for their horse during the summer. It's treated with Vamoose - a permethrim based insect control technology - and repels flies without needing to add any other chemicals, plus it will stay effective for up to 25 washes!

It’s made from a unique polyester/polypropylene mesh fabric that’s durable enough to prevent nicks, rips or tears, yet is ultra-breathable and super soft against your horse’s body.

The rug features Horseware’s innovative Surefit neck design for optimum comfort, a silky anti-rub shoulder and mane lining, a patented ‘V’ front closure, leg arches and a third surcingle for improved freedom of movement, a detachable neck cover that’s fitted with touch tape straps and a supersized tail flap for additional coverage.

The Rambo Fly Buster offers head to tail protection from biting insects as well as helping to keep your horse cooler during the warmer summer months. It's also machine washable so no need to worry about mud and muck!

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