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Úvod Sport Jezdectví Vybavení Rambo Ionic Fleece Rug

Rambo Ionic Fleece Rug

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Kód zboží: bs-i01507503

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Detailní popis Rambo Ionic Fleece Rug

/>With Horsewares Ionic Therapy Technology, a smooth carbon infused inner and a cotton coated outer this fleece is practical and supports the horses well being.

Features of this rug include double front closures, cross surcingles and a fillet string.

Rambo Ionic Therapy Technology -

Harnessing the benefits of negative Ion therapy, the Rambo Ionic Rug is lined with a ceramic screen print infused with Tourmaline Powder. Tourmaline, a naturally occurring crystal, releases negative ions that improve the hydration capacity of the blood by causing a change of water in the horses body.
This change allows for improved circulation, aids increased delivery of oxygen & removal of toxins from the body.

* Encourages Circulation
* Stimulates Metabolism
* Increases Oxygen Delivery to Cells & Tissues
* Strengthens the Immune System
* Reduces Blood Pressure
* Restores pH Balance

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