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Úvod Sport Jezdectví Vybavení Rambo Supreme Vari Layer Med Turnout

Rambo Supreme Vari Layer Med Turnout

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Kód zboží: bs-i01485103

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Detailní popis Rambo Supreme Vari Layer Med Turnout

The Rambo Supreme Vari Layer Medium Turnout is a superb quality medium weight turnout rug that is a specially designed to provide more warmth with less weight using the Rambo Vari layer technology. This is created using layers of thermo bonded fibre filling across the back and hips which has an anti-bacterial and anti-static lining for added comfort and heat retention.

In addition to the Rambo Supreme Vari Layer Medium Turnouts 1000 denier super strong waterproof and breathable outer this rug also features a detachable hood, V-front fastening for comfort and movement when grazing, wipe clean tail cord and three secure surcingles to help prevent the rug from moving.

Other benefits include a shine enhancing lining to promote a healthy coat, liner loops in case you need to add further layers in colder times of the year, leg arches for freedom of movement and reflective strips for safety.

* Rambo Vari Layer Technology
* V-front Fastenings
* Leg Arches
* Three Secure Surcingles
* Odepínací kapuce
* Shine Enhancing Lining

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