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Úvod Sport Lyžařské vybavení Salomon Spell Ladies Snowboard Bindings

Salomon Spell Ladies Snowboard Bindings

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Detailní popis Salomon Spell Ladies Snowboard Bindings

Salomon Spell Ladies Snowboard Bindings

Salomon's 2016 Spell snowboard bindings are great for beginners of all ages! These bindings will keep you securely fastened to your snowboard and will remain comfy for the entire day. If you are confident in your ability making your way down the mountain there is no reason why these bindings can't be taken into the park to hit whatever features you set your heart on.
It's lightweight Freeframe highback and HB filter absorb any unwanted shock, saving your legs from having to endure the brunt of every bump and landing, allowing you to ride harder for longer. The Lock-In toe straps and Smoothcrank ratchets have been shaped especially for women so they fit more accurately to stop those aches that creep up on you over the course of the day from occurring.
The Zone Baseplate has been ergonomically shaped for comfort and it's tool-free adjust-ability means you can change your bindings settings on the go at any time! The Baseplate has been constructed out of Salomon's Composite 30% that uses glass fibre reinforced polyamide to maximize performance, improve response and provide extra support for anywhere on the mountain.

> Salomon Spell Ladies Snowboard Bindings
> Značka Salomon
> Smooth crank ratchets
> FreeFrame Highback
> Composite 30%
> Zone baseplate
> Easy forward lean adjustment
> Composite buckles
> Lock-in toe strap
> Toe ramp adjustments

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